Planning for Prom Events for you Kids?


It is prom season and you are looking to book a nice limo in Huntsville for your son or daughter’s prom? I have decades of experience dealing with local limo companies and seen many varying different types of limo owners that all have their special knack of what makes them great and what draw backs each of them have in regards to different things they can improve on and what points you need to look for when you are looking to book with a limo company.

Here are few basic pointers.

  1. Mike sure the vehicle is insured and licensed
  2. Make sure the limo owner actually owns the vehicle your looking for
  3. Make sure the company is not ridden with negative reviews.
  4. Make sure they have new vehicles
  5. Having good reviews is a plus but not always necessary

This is prom season and many limo company will also have party bus. One of the reason why people will go with the party bus is that it will obviously be more room. People can stand up and walk around. There will be other things like a dance pole. But keep in mind party buses are more expensive simply because they will eat up more gas. If you do not care about the extra room but still want a luxury vehicle to transport 20 people, then a SUV limo may be a good option for you like the H2 Hummer or Excursion limo.

Definition of prom tells us that it should be a formal event, so the kids should get what the event calls for a really nice vehicle. It is therefore imperative to go with a reputable, good company because many limo companies out there run with 10 to 15 year old vehicles that people will be embarrassed by. That is the absolute last thing you want when you go with a limo company.

In Huntsville There are incredible limo and tree service companies that are top tier when it comes to their level of customer service. I know one of the tree service guys in town actually moved to Macon Georgia to spread his business wide and big because he was having so much success, this gentleman also ran a limo company before so he is all about customer service, when you are in need of any tree work in that part of the Country, make sure give these guys a call you won’t regret it. You can find his business

So during prom season make sure you do you due diligence and pick a company that provides excellent limo service, like the ones I’ve mentioned in previous posts.

Some great tree companies in Huntsville, Knowing how to remove a tree


There are many scary jobs out there including this guy climbing a bridge, if you are scared of heights, then you will be scared of tree service industry as it ranks as one of the most dangerous jobs out there and you will be dealing with incredible heights that will surely get your adrenaline pumping, this is a guide for all that is wanting to know more about tree removal. Brought to you by Huntsville Tree Care guy.
Knowing and doing
As someone who not only knows, but who also does the best when it comes to removing a tree the important thing to remember is that you have options. It’s also important to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that removing a tree is so much more, than just simplicity, easy work, and a quick job. Instead, it’s also about having and getting the best, when it comes to tree removal, so that you can and will be able to have your tree removed easily. Also, as someone who loves nature, enjoys nature, and who never has or will give up on being a nature lover, I know there is so much more to it, than just removing a tree, and getting rid of it. Oh no, it’s truly a real process.
How to make removal easy?
It’s very important to remember that when it comes to removing a tree, that you need to know that removal can and will be made easy if you truly follow certain steps. First and for most, you need to remember to make sure that you give yourself plenty of time to rest and relax. Unlike tree pruning, tree cutting, or even tree trimming, you need to know deep down that you deserve to get the best when it comes to taking care of your tree removal, and thus rest and relax, as you remove the tree. The next important thing to remember is that you can and will get the best when it comes to tree removal as long as you lift with strength, and not with force. Force causes our bodies to get stressed out, upset, and to feel anxiety, pain, and a whole lot of other negative emotions as well. Therefore, be sure to remember to lift with strength from your legs, partial upper body, and feet. Lastly, you want to remember to have the right kind of tools. The right tools, such as a square shovel or narrow shovel, and rope, can and will make a world of difference, when it comes to removing trees.
Final reminders: Delicate Tree Care
Trees are delicate, and I know this because I have first hand experience working with trees, and dealing with them as a whole. Thus, be sure to remember to get what you need, when you need it, when it comes to real quality tree removal. Be delicate but firm, on top of things, but fair, and remember that deep down every tree is not only worth it, but it also can be removed properly and moved to a new place if need be. Thus, be sure to be on point, on top of things, and to remember that it’s gentle, firm, and the right strategy, when it comes to proper tree removal.

Saving my tree to prevent unnecesarry deforestation in your neighborhood


The other day I was strolling through my backyard and I noticed this tree. It seem to have less leaves on it this summer then it did last year. In addition, it is based was covered with mushrooms. Thinking how odd it is, I took a few pictures of the tree and decided to ask my co-worker about it. My co-worker, Adam, operates a small tree and landscaping business to earn a few extra bucks on the side.

The next day at work, I was completely swamp and completely forgot to ask about the tree. In fact, I did not have a chance to talk to Adam until about a week later. After I finally talk to him and I showed him the pictures of my tree he said that he would come over after work today and check it out.

So now, we are in my backyard looking at my tree. Adam inspect it and made a couple of phone calls, he wanted to call a friend of his that is a license arborist. When Adam finished his call, he told me what he suspected and what his friend the arborist confirmed. My tree is sick. Yes, I said it, my tree is sick. Who know a tree could even get sick?


I ask him was there anything I, or rather he, could do to save it. Alternatively, would I have to have it cut down and removed? I really like that tree it was position perfectly and did a great job at keeping my house cool during the summer months. Adam replied that he was sure, that the next he can come back with his friend, the arborist, and he will give is recommendation of what our next step should be. Not knowing what else to do, I agreed.

Just as we arranged the arborist, Malik, and Adam came over the next day. Malik inspected my tree and proclaims it is infected with a fungal infection. That luckily I spotted it early and the tree will be able to be rescued. Had I waited too long to seek help it would have to be removed. In addition, it would have spread to my other trees. Malik even implied that it could have potentially infected the entire neighborhood. After undergoing some treatment and special attention of course. So Malik whatever he did, weave his arborist voodoo on that tree of mine and now it is as good as new. In fact, I think it looks better than it did before the infection.

I am glad I took action when I did. I was able to save the tree and prevent a plague of infections that would have contaminated my neighbor’s trees. That goes to show when you see something odd or out of character do not hesitate to contact a professional. I sometimes wonder what would have happen if I had did nothing. If I had just simply dismissed what I was seeing as part of global warming, trickery of the eyes, or whatever. After this narrow escape vie decided to use Adam’s landscaping and tree service business for my own yard. Just leave it to the professionals. Last time we needed a removal at my grandparents place in Springfield, MO we used the Springfield Tree Service and they did a quick fantastic job so the pros sure do have their place. I would hate to spend 1 whole month just to remove a full sized Oak tree.

Nelson Tree Service in Huntsville


My experience with Nelson

As a proud war veteran of whom has served in 2 Major wars, the important thing to remember for me is that life itself comes down to details, hard-work, and always having integrity, and doing the right thing. This of course was my experience with Nelson tree service in Huntsville, Al, and I’d love to tell you all about it. First and for most though, we live in a culture these days, where consequences do not apply, and where it seems as though no matter what we do, it truly comes down to the reality that people do not care. Businesses are going down hill, and we are also not truly in touch with who we are as a people. Yet, I would argue, I will constantly argue, and will continue to stand strong in that we need to have principles when it comes to work, life, and business. This is a founding reality of our country, and it’s a founding reality of Nelson tree service, where they were on point, collectively well put together, and so much more. They have principles; they have true and real integrity.

Time and effort

Truly, Nelson tree service does specialize in making sure that time, effort, and hard work are always placed above all else. The reason they do this is because they can and do know that the principles of good business are integrity, intelligence, and making sure that the job is done right the first time. The principles taught by Robert Kiyosaki author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad. They not only care, but they also provide a good sense of happiness, because they truly go above and beyond, when it comes to putting customers first and never giving up. It’s all about the experience, it’s all about the kindness, and it’s all about knowing that your time and money will not be wasted. They care, and you matter to Nelson tree service. You matter regardless of what the service may be regardless of if it is tree cutting, tree trimming, pruning, or whatever else. Nelson tree service is all about you and your needs.

Nelson tree service and my money

If there was ever one thing that I learned from my experience with Nelson tree service, it’s simply that, they know the essence, and understand that you are worth it and your time is money. Your time is money as you work hard, get what you want and a whole lot more. Nelson tree service, knows that it’s your hard earned money, you hard earned time, and your hard earned effort, so be sure to rely on that, because they really do care about you and your experience in general. From my perspective, as a Vet, and hard working individual, I know for a fact that trimming and cutting trees can be and truly is hard work. Yet, this is not true when it comes to Nelson tree service. This is not true at all.

The bottom line

Serving my country was amazing, and I truly appreciate all the opportunities I had. Furthermore, I know hard working people when I meet them, and that’s exactly what I got, when I worked with Nelson tree service, when you need a good company in Huntsville, Alabama you may want to check them out. Real quality trimming, cutting, and a true sense of greatness, knowing that I was getting the best deal possible.