Planning for Prom Events for you Kids?


It is prom season and you are looking to book a nice limo in Huntsville for your son or daughter’s prom? I have decades of experience dealing with local limo companies and seen many varying different types of limo owners that all have their special knack of what makes them great and what draw backs each of them have in regards to different things they can improve on and what points you need to look for when you are looking to book with a limo company.

Here are few basic pointers.

  1. Mike sure the vehicle is insured and licensed
  2. Make sure the limo owner actually owns the vehicle your looking for
  3. Make sure the company is not ridden with negative reviews.
  4. Make sure they have new vehicles
  5. Having good reviews is a plus but not always necessary

This is prom season and many limo company will also have party bus. One of the reason why people will go with the party bus is that it will obviously be more room. People can stand up and walk around. There will be other things like a dance pole. But keep in mind party buses are more expensive simply because they will eat up more gas. If you do not care about the extra room but still want a luxury vehicle to transport 20 people, then a SUV limo may be a good option for you like the H2 Hummer or Excursion limo.

Definition of prom tells us that it should be a formal event, so the kids should get what the event calls for a really nice vehicle. It is therefore imperative to go with a reputable, good company because many limo companies out there run with 10 to 15 year old vehicles that people will be embarrassed by. That is the absolute last thing you want when you go with a limo company.

In Huntsville There are incredible limo and tree service companies that are top tier when it comes to their level of customer service. I know one of the tree service guys in town actually moved to Macon Georgia to spread his business wide and big because he was having so much success, this gentleman also ran a limo company before so he is all about customer service, when you are in need of any tree work in that part of the Country, make sure give these guys a call you won’t regret it. You can find his business

So during prom season make sure you do you due diligence and pick a company that provides excellent limo service, like the ones I’ve mentioned in previous posts.